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is a community to help those who study martial arts. I've been to too many communities with no information whatsoever on them. Lets make a place to learn something here. Something where reading lj can be an enriching experience.


1. only post information that will teach something. none of this "I JUST PASSED MY BLUE BELT TEST OMG I WAS SO SCARED BUT NOW IM SO EXCITED" or "OOH MY TEACHER LED AN ENTIRE CLASS ON HOME SELF-DEFENSE AND IT WAS HELLA FUN." come on. who wants to read that? make posts about techniques, lessons, exercises, drills, advice, philosophy, worthwhile quotes, etc. here are some questions you can ask yourself before you post
a. will this help at least 3/4 of those reading it in any way?
b. is this information useful to people of only one level, or is it useful for people of many skill levels?
c. is this information style/system specific? or is it useful to everyone?
d. would this information be better posted in _martial_arts or martial_artists?

the answers should be: yes / many skill levels / useful to all / no

2. long and medium length posts go behind lj-cut
3. it would be nice to have headers on techniques you post. no need to use this format when it really doesnt apply though.
STYLE: (where the technique is from)
DIFFICULTY: (use adjectives here)
SHORT SUMMARY: (may be omitted if the post is short)
4. any posts behind lj-cut are required to have a short summary outside the cut so we know whether your post is worth reading.

1. dont be an ass
2. no flaming
3. there is no need to introduce yourself upon joining this community. we'll judge by the wisdom of your words, not your proclamation of self. plus, most introductory posts are boring.

Hopefully there will be no more need to add more rules.

(added september 6th, 2004)
having thought it over, i will never again ask the members to post, give feedback or do anything.
this community is not just for me, and i cannot ask you guys to do that just for me. if are active in this community, do it for yourselves and for each other. post if you wish. this community is what you make it. not what i try to make you make it.

thanks to those who are teachers
thanks to those who are students
thanks to those who realize they cannot be one without the other

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