Ikemstar (ikemstar) wrote in martial_techniq,

"Make Most Of Your Natural Assets..." {Boxing}

That's Teddy Atlas (Mike Tyson's ex-trainer) on boxing. A tall man with long arms should jab and not fight like a shorter man. A shorter man should use that compact physicality and superior turning force to hook, sway, bob, weave. A case in point: Klitschko Vs. Danny Williams for the recent heavyweight bout. Kiltschko (6' 8") came in at 17.5 stones. Williams (6' 3") at some over 19. 19..?? Predictably (in my book), Williams fought with little movement, and "had his head used for target practice" (in the words of his promoter) by his long-armed opponent. Maximise your natural attributes.

This community is a great idea... so upload, don't leech ;-P

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