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obviously livejournal is just way too addictive

find your own uses for these... im not going to bother trying to tell anyone what these exercises are useful for. figure it out, use your brains

start on your backs, kick with your legs into the air so your entire body is projected into the air, flip to one side and do a side fall. repeat the motion and flip to the other side.
after many repetitions, proper form for a side fall will be acquired to avoid undue pain. the more you do this one, the more your stomach muscles should feel tired.

lie on your side with your hands above your head. putting weight on your shoulder touching the ground, shoot your butt out behind you by folding your body to where your feet are touching your arms. transfering weight to your butt, extend your body out once again. you shouldve moved to your backside.
this works abs too. and a lot of other shit.

climb around:
one person (A) stands in a horse stance with both arms out, in front of the shoulders (regardless of whether this is how your system punches). it is advisable that the person in a horse stance should have their arms bracing against a wall (to begin with. later remove this to increase the difficulty). the other person (B) starts out sitting on one of A's legs, and proceeds to climb around A's body. Try going both directions. then switch partners.
this is difficult for A to keep their balance and hold their stance with a 90o angle at the knees, and for B to know where they can and cannot grab/hang.

these exercises were taught to me by the best teacher i have ever had, sihing ken.
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