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Hello, Suggetions please

I am the new Maintainer for this community. My public LJ is mrlepp. For more info on me google "Lonnie Lepp" +"Austin TX" or goto

Many thanks to essenceofdepth,the originator of this community.

I noticed that the community's interests are:
63: aikido, animals, arnis, balisong, boxing, breathing, british sea power, bruce lee, bujinkan, capoeira, capoeira angola, chen style, chi, choreography, escrima, eskrido, eskrima, fencing, filipino martial arts, film fighting, grind orchestra, hapkido, iaido, jackie chan, jeet kune do, jet li, judo, jujutsu, kajukembo, kajukenbo, kali, karate, kendo, kenpo, ki, knife throwing, knives, krav maga, kung fu, kyudo, learning, living, logic, manipulation, movement, movies, muay thai, ninjitsu, ninjutsu, physics, qiqong, self-defense, shuriken, silat, stunts, swords, tae kwon do, tai chi, tai chi chuan, tang soo do, wrestling, wushu, yang style.

Please make suggestions for expanding our interests, with in the scope and purpose of our community.

Any other changes or suggestions would be appreciated.
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