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Martial Arts Movies

I love martial arts movies, and for me they give a lot of inspiration and ideas for my practice. Especially my new favorite web series, Karma Kula Mystic Warrior, I get a lot of ideas from the really cool fight scenes. Where do you get your inspiration?

KarmaKula: Mystic Warrior

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New Community

There is a new Martial Arts community started August 7.  It's open to all, but specifically for Tang Soo Do practitioners and those interested in Korean Martial Arts. 

If this sounds like the community for you, please join us @: </a></font></strong></a>tang_soo_do_2

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, and just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am the on-staff translator at a Daoist martial arts center in Yunnan Province, China. You can see our website here...

We practice San Feng Tai Ji, and Wudang Gong Fu.
We love to meet other people passionate about the martial arts, so
if you're ever in China, come visit!

any good videos about hakkoryu jujutsu kata?

I learned some styles in the past (mostly Japanese and Okinawan styles like aikido, aikijiujutsu, kobudo, hakkoryu jujutsu) since 1985, and am not taking classes now, but want to remember the first kata in the hakkoryu. Does anyone know where to get a video, prefereably free or cheap, to help me review it? One of my friends is willing to help show it to me again, but I seldom see him these days, and I am not going to the school where I originally learned it. Thanks!
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maritial arts clips (x-posted)

Hey fighters and artis

I just wanted to share some of marital arts clips I've found while searching the net.  I've posted them on my personal myspace page.  This isn't some solicitation to add people on my friend account there.  I simply wanted to share clips I find intresting as a martial artist. enjoy!!   

Warning: Some of the clips  from plays faster than it loads.  If you find it skipping press pause and let the load bar fill a little ahead.

Stunters Unite!

Stunting is one of the toughest, yet least celebrated industries in Hollywood. IMHO that's just wrong. Especially if you're a woman in a male dominated industry.

Zoë Bell is the exception. This kickass chic doubled as Xena Warrior Princess and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Show her some love? Join Us at:

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