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Rev. Stan"tastic" Cheung

maritial arts clips (x-posted)

Hey fighters and artis

I just wanted to share some of marital arts clips I've found while searching the net.  I've posted them on my personal myspace page.  This isn't some solicitation to add people on my friend account there.  I simply wanted to share clips I find intresting as a martial artist. enjoy!!   

Warning: Some of the clips  from plays faster than it loads.  If you find it skipping press pause and let the load bar fill a little ahead.

*Rickson and Royler Gracie Demonstrating During a Pride event
*A video class of Karate Basics
*Worst Case Scenario "What to do in a barfight"
*Seminar by Matt Thornton from straight blast gym
*Two clips of FMA. One of them features my arts founder Tatang Illustrisimo
*A handful of submission techniques from Island Jujutsu
*Clips from a M.A. summer camp @ Skagen Fight Gym
*San Shou takedowns
*Documentry from Wold Martial Arts Society
*Introduction to Qi Gong
*Intro to Silat
*Self Defense class test
*Aikido demo
*Hapkido demo
*Judoka demonstrating various throws

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