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sorry ive been so long in between updates

partners hold hands facing each other and attempt to kick their partner. At the same time, they try to use their hand control on the other person to make the kick easier to execute or to open a target. the person about to recieve the kick is going to try to either block the kick one way or another, or check/stifle the kick by using their arms to eliminate the attacker's power from the kick.
for example, if someone is coming around with a left roundhouse, pulling on their left arm will only accelerate their kick and turn their hips farther into their kick. if one pulls on someone's right arm while they try to to turn their hips to the right to throw a left roundhouse kick, the kick will not work because the hips wont turn
variations on this drill include blindfolded, hand attacks only, upper-body attacks only, both upper and lower body attacks, and as alternating attacks or totally freeflow. furthermore, essentially the same drill can be done with the legs, by either tying the legs together with a sash or something of the sort, or just keeping contact with the legs (which is far more difficult)

2. this is another sensitivity drill. grab your partners gi lapels (or shirt collar area, provided you dont mind stretching it out a bit). throw elbows at them while maintaining your grip. make sure you keep your balance, and stay upright.
variations - your partner moves with the elbows, trys to avoid them/check them. your partner tries to throw you off balance by turning, pushing and pulling. instead of grabbing the lapels, grab on the outside of the shoulders. it is important that one get their hips and whole body into each motion.

on a different note, i will be deleting my lj soon, so if anyone wants this community to continue, id suggest somebody step up to moderate it. lord_couger gets first dibs on this spot if he requests it. if nobody cares, im going to just leave it moderator-less.

just for the record im happy this community got as far as it did.
it will be good for me when i want to go back and find new things to review and maybe someday teach.
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